Los cierres de fronteras de África aumentan el temor sobre las entregas de ayuda crítica

La entrega de ayuda crítica podría ser un nuevo problema en África después de que una gran cantidad de países decidieran cerrar sus fronteras en un intento por evitar la propagación de la pandemia de coronavirus.

Una gran parte de los países africanos cerraron sus fronteras terrestres, marítimas y aéreas, ya que el continente endureció las medidas en la lucha contra el virus, informa VisaGuide.World .

 “If the chaos caused by this pandemic is allowed to curtail humanitarian assistance, the results will be catastrophic,” the medical charity Doctors Without Borders highlighted in a statement.

Aid organizations are looking forward to finding a solution and negotiate after at least 32 countries closed their borders, according to Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data.

Some countries of Africa have relaxed the restrictions for cargo, humanitarian aid or emergency flights.

More than 21 countries in Africa are already seeing shortages of vaccines due to the travel restrictions and entry bans, according to GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance.

The U.N. children’s agency also announced that in West Africa have noticed major disruptions of vaccine shipments by air.

The United Nation Food and Agriculture Organization announced that in Kenya, due to the entry ban and travel restrictions, have delayed the delivery of pesticides that are needed to fight the most devastating locust outbreak in some East African countries.

The World Food Program’s regional director for southern Africa, Lola Castro, on Tuesday said that before South Africa imposed its lockdown, the World Food Programme sought to find an agreement so shipments of needed food aid could continue to be delivered to other southern African territories.

Even though South Africa started to relax its lockdown amid coronavirus, so the food could enter without problems, the government blames the travel restrictions all around the world, for the slow deliveries of essential products.

 A total of 1,655 persons have contracted coronavirus in South Africa, so far, and 11 persons have died.