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Africa is the second-largest and most populated continent after Asia. It covers around 6% of Earth’s total surface, and it’s the only continent that stretches across the four hemispheres. Considered the oldest mainland, it’s widely believed to be the home of the first human. The continent is also home to the largest desert globally— the Sahara. 

In terms of geography, Africa is divided into five major territories:

  • North Africa
  • East Africa
  • Central Africa
  • South Africa
  • West Africa

Quick Facts About Africa

Here are some interesting facts about Africa:


30.3 million km²

Number of countries

54 (plus two de facto independencies)

Biggest country (by area)


Population (2021)

1.37 billion

Most populated country


Number of languages spoken

Over 2,000 languages across the continent 

Largest peninsula

Horn of Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Djibouti)

Highest mountain 

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania 

Longest river

Nile River

How Many Countries Are There in Africa?

Africa has 54 independent countries, which include the following:

Somaliland, and Western Sahara, are two de facto independent territories that are yet to be fully recognized as sovereign states in Africa. 

Map of African Countries 

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