Australia to Extend Visa Validity for Ukrainians Whose Visa Is Set to Expire by June

The Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, has said that Ukrainians who are currently living in Australia whose visas will expire by the end of June will be permitted to stay for additional six months.

Apart from making such an announcement, the Prime Minister also said that nationals of Ukraine applying for an Australian visa would be given priority over the other nationalities. This means that it will now be easier for Ukrainians to obtain a visa, VisaGuide.World reports.

The announcement of the new rule on the Australian visa follows the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Morrison has highly condemned the actions of Russia while has promised that Australia will impose further sanctions against Russian authorities.

“A warm call with Ukrainian PM Shmyhal last night. I reaffirmed Australia’s unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and denounced Russia’s aggression. I outlined Australia’s acts to sanction Russian individuals, organizations, and banks. We will stand firm with Ukraine,” Scott Morrison wrote on his official Twitter account.

Following the new developments in the territory of Ukraine, Morrison revealed that the government decided to apply sanctions to an additional 25 individuals.

The group of people against which the Australian authorities have imposed measures includes army commanders, deputy defense minister, and Russian mercenaries “who have been responsible for the unprovoked and unacceptable aggression,” Morrison said.

In addition, it was revealed that restrictive measures would also apply to four entities that are involved in the development and sale of military weapons and technology.

Nonetheless, Morrison did not disclose the name of persons or entities against which the sanctions will apply.

While the Australian authorities have made clear that they won’t provide troops on the ground, they are already helping Ukraine by offering cyber security support.

The Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Marise Ann Payne, has reaffirmed that the country will work with its counterparts in Ukraine to help them against future cyber-attacks.

Similar to Australia, the other authorities, especially those of the European Union, have also condemned the actions of Russia.

Apart from showing support to Ukraine, Germany has said that they will help Poland in case there is a large-scale movement of refugees out of Ukraine.

In addition, the German Minister of Interior, Nancy Faeser, said that Germany would also provide support to all of its other neighboring countries facing an influx of refugees. The German media have estimated that up to one million persons may flee from Ukraine to one of the EU Member States in the event of a war.